Using energy wisely is an important way for businesses to reduce overhead.  At this time, power companies are offering incentives to all customers to enhance the energy efficiency of their business.  These incentives vary from changing to more energy efficient lamps, replacing fixtures and installing occupancy sensors.

Some ways we can reduce your electrical costs are by replacing fluorescent ballast and lamps with more efficient products to reduce lighting energy use; installing occupancy senors and timers in areas that are used sporadically such as break rooms, restrooms and storage areas.  This way, lights are only on when someone is in the room.

Lighting is a large part of energy expense for your business with 50 percent of lighting energy wasted by obsolete equipment.  Switch to energy efficient lighting and you'll use less energy which will save on your utility bills each month.  In addition to money saved on energy use, power companies are offering incentives to replace old lighting with more energy efficient fixtures.

Atlas Electric is a Trade Ally for your power supply company.  We have the information you need for receiving the incentives and we can complete the work necessary.  Contact us today to set up an appointment for one of our experienced electricians to review your businesses energy use and provide ideas on saving money on your electrical expense and getting the most money back to you in incentives.